Photo: Mayu Kanamori, taken during AAI 6 in 2017

In the face of frequent funding cuts and the depletion of public resources that may be available to doctoral students and early career researchers and artists, we found that many of our AASRN members were facing increasing difficulty in attending forums like this conference. In stepped Tseen Khoo, founding convenor of the network, with an offer to sponsor the registration costs of three doctoral students/early career researchers. Inspired by such open-hearted generosity that animates the spirit of AASRN, and in recognition of the indefatigable work Tseen has done in the Asian Australian space in the last two decades, the Board has made the decision to name the contribution after Tseen Khoo and maintain it in the future with new donations from other members, so that we can continue to support our growing numbers of Asian Australian artists, activists and early career academics.

Tseen Khoo is the Founding Convenor of the Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN), which was formalised in 2006. She has been instrumental in the formation of Asian Australian Studies as a field of research, and has published in the areas of Asian Australian literary studies, public history, and cultural studies. As well as convening the AASRN for eleven years, she was convenor for a significant series of conferences and symposiums that have shaped the research areas that are in evidence today, and been a named investigator on major grants in the area. Tseen has edited several special issue journals that showcase AASRN expertise with the Journal for Australian Studies (2000, 2008, 2017), Journal of Intercultural Studies (2006), and Asian Studies Review (2003). She was also a convenor for the inaugural “Dragon Tails” conference in 2009, and co-edited the subsequent special issue of Australian Historical Studies (2011). Tseen has actively fostered a generous and inclusive culture in the network. @tseenster
Recipients of AAI7 conference bursary 2019: Carol Que, Leah Jing McIntosh and Priya Kunjan.